Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

IDE for applications, websites, web apps and more
The product is discontinued by the developer

Development interface for creating PC and mobile applications, web services and web apps. Includes a code editor, an integrated debugger, a code profiler, a web designer and database schema creator.

Microsoft Visual Studio is the best of the programming packages available. Visual Studio is based on the .NET framework which is an API included with the newer versions of Windows. This IDE is used by professionals as well as home users (thanks to the simplicity of learning). Visual Studio includes everything for programming, debugging and building.

Visual Studio includes a feature called Intellisense which was included from the earlier versions like 5.0 and 6.0. It helps a programmer to auto-complete the typing of functions, methods and even variable names. Functions and sub procedures are automatically added to a form and its controls.

With the new .NET framework 4.0, which includes parallel extensions for the newer computer systems with multi-core processors and multi threading, the decent performance of the completed program is ensured. Version 10.0 also includes a new programming language Visual F Sharp (F#), which is yet in the development stages.

MSDN, the ultimate reference for the Visual Studio languages comes installed with the software package. But the problem is that it costs a little more if you need the full version of MSDN. Anyway, you could always refer to an online version of MSDN.

The .NET framework has adopted a lot of its features from the other programming languages. For those favoring JAVA and the various IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio has the best user-friendly interface both in programming and debugging.

There are several different packages available at various prices.

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  • The best programming package available for Windows


  • High Price for MSDN offline
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